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Welcome to Find Your Fire, my very own passion project filled with all things that I love. Explore my growing blog and all the things that fuel my soul; from writing, to travel, to decor/DIYs. Here you'll find what it is that keeps me sane and gives me solace in life. I hope Find Your Fire ignites a fire within you to discover your own passions to follow and nurture. 

Growing, glowing, and mastering
These lengthy anthologies will NOT be missed!
Its been real, CSUDH!
"Through it all, she MASTERED it"
Find Your Fire by Meli
Exploring Madrid
25 de Abril Bridge - Lisbon, Portugal
Sintra, Portugal
Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco, CA
Painted Ladies - San Francisco, CA
Hard Work Pays Off
CSUDH Class of 2018
Flower Heaven
Doom & Gloom
Abbey Road
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Life: Never What We Expect

As humans we fantasize about what our lives will look like when we reach a certain age. If you’re like me, then you, my friend, are a...

The Best is Yet to Come

The year 2019 taught me a lot about myself, about love, and about letting go. In October, with only two months left of the year (left of...

My Golden Year

2018 WAS MY FUCKING YEAR. I can’t even begin to explain how blessed I was throughout this entire year. In January, I purchased my very...

Introduction: Meeting Meli

Hi guys! My name is Melissa, also known as Meli by most of my loved ones. This nickname has been around since I was a little girl and it...

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